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So it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here. I guess I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from writing in general, not a single line has come forth from my keyboard or pen in quite some time. A lot in my life changed rather rapidly and I think I needed some time to find my center again. I’ve never been someone who deals with change exceptionally well and I don’t know if that will ever change.

This past year has seemed like several years, I look back on it and it’s kind of hard to believe I packed so much stuff into one year. I had a lot of fun, made a lot of good memories and even a few friends. On the flip side I found myself hurt and brokenhearted more than I think I ever have been. It seems some of the people I placed trust in were never worthy of that trust. I had to learn the hard way that I deserve better from the people in my life.

Sometimes I’m still sad at some of the losses I dealt with this year, other times I look back on it with contempt because I am unable to tell what was fake and what was genuine. When I think about how many words and feelings were wasted on people who never gave a damn about me it does make me angry because I genuinely cared about and loved those people. Despite the anger and hurt I learned a lot, more than a lot. I learned a lifetime’s worth of lessons in a little less than 365 days.

And that brings me to where I am now, somewhere new and different. Somewhere where my smiles far outweigh my tears and where I wake up in the morning truly happy to be waking up (even if I am waking up at 5am). So after spending the time I needed to reassess myself, my writing and my relationships I am finally back to feeling like a writer again, so writing is what I will be doing. Results to follow.


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I'm a writer at heart, but so much more. I'm typical, I love music and I've got a thing for pretty things. I like things, in general. If it's a thing chances are I'll like something about it. I love to read. Words are quite possibly my favorite thing, hence why I'm here. View all posts by inkspots87

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