The Wise Man’s Fear- A review

Ok so a few weeks ago I wrote a little review on the Name of the Wind, well since then I have finished (twice) the second in that series The Wise Man’s Fear. I REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY enjoyed that book. Like the first novel this one is extremely well written, however, unlike the first novel it lacks the slow spots and repetition characteristic of a first novel. Which is a good thing because this was his second novel.

The Wise Man’s Fear consumed me, I couldn’t put it down (so to speak, I was reading it on my Nook app). The plot does not follow the expected routes and the characters remained complex and interesting. The novel jumps ahead of many others in its genre in terms of plot development and character development.

I highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a good read, even if fantasy is not your genre give these a chance. They will remind you why reading is such an enjoyable pastime and why writing is such a skill. The way Rothfuss is able to weave his complex and interesting plot is nothing short of miraculous. I am officially a fan.


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One response to “The Wise Man’s Fear- A review

  • Kim

    It’s without a doubt the best book I have ever read and I’ve been a fan of this man for years, before he became a name. I’ll be a fan until he stops writing and even then I’m willing to make an exception.

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