C’est Vous Que J’adore

Demotivationals remind me of you, so does the cold chill of early spring. Your eyes are warm, I never knew what that meant until I looked into your eyes. Clear and bright, they shimmer with a brooding intelligence. You allow yourself to be underestimated, yet there’s a swagger to your demeanor. A cockiness I find irresistible. I hear your voice whispering in my ear as you hold me close.

You tell me to let it go, to cry until I don’t hurt anymore. I let my defenses down, the pain pouring out of me in fractured sobs. My tears soaked through your t-shirt, mascara staining the shoulder of your shirt. Gently you lead me to the bed, lay me down and wrap me in your arms. A few more tears leak out as I thank you for what you’ve done for me. I let myself drift to sleep in your arms, every time I wake up in fear you’re there, your arms still wrapped around me; keeping me safe and reminding me you love me.

That night is burned into my memory, the tender way you held me and the way I could see how much my pain hurt you. It tore through you and I could see all you wanted to was take it away, make it disappear. I fell in love with you in that moment, I gave myself to you completely in that moment.

I remember standing on that sidewalk as we said our goodbyes, to say my heart was heavy would be an understatement. As I walked away, I wanted nothing more than to turn around and run back to you. I rode home with the taste of your kiss on my lips, and the small tears I cried because I missed you staining my cheeks.

It is cold without you. Saying I miss you does not begin to cover the depth of the longing I feel for you. Despite this, I am hopeful. I know what it is we found within one another, and I know you long for it as much as I do. I know you feel that coldness left behind now that I’m gone. We’ll find one another again and I will not leave your arms again.


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I'm a writer at heart, but so much more. I'm typical, I love music and I've got a thing for pretty things. I like things, in general. If it's a thing chances are I'll like something about it. I love to read. Words are quite possibly my favorite thing, hence why I'm here. View all posts by inkspots87

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