On Gay Marriage

I’ve avoided politics on this blog, mostly because they tend to be extremely polarizing. However, some things I’ve heard and have had said to me have forced me to hop up onto my soapbox.

Begin Rant

Gay Marriage: What is the problem? I have yet to hear a legally valid argument against gay marriage. I do not understand why granting equal marriage rights has become such a huge issue. There is no legal (read: nonreligious) reason why it has not happened. By delaying and denying these rights politicians have turned a simple issue into a monstrous, epic battle.

Nearly every argument I have heard against gay marriage cites the Bible as the reason why it should not be legalized. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Bible has absolutely nothing to do with LAW. If a person is personally against gay marriage because of their faith that’s fabulous for them, however since marriage is a legal process religion has absolutely nothing to do with it. A straight couple can have a completely secular, legal marriage and it is just as valid as a marriage performed in a church (provided both situations have obtained a marriage license because that is what makes a marriage legally binding).

The other argument I hear so frequently is that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage. Um, excuse me? Sanctity? Can someone please explain this sanctity to me? When our divorce rate is at 50% I think it’s incredibly stupid for anyone to claim that marriage is somehow sacred. People step outside of their marriages, domestic violence occurs more and more frequently and people get married and divorced like it’s a hobby.

As I said, marriage is a legal process. In order for a marriage to be legal both parties have to apply for and sign a marriage license, this makes marriage a LEGAL process. A marriage is not legally recognized unless a marriage license has been obtained. Even if a couple has their marriage performed by a priest in a church they are still required to obtain a marriage license otherwise all they have is a fancy commitment ceremony, which is not legally binding.

the LGBT community deserves the same rights as the straight community, there is no legal basis for denying their rights. It is discrimination and it should not be allowed to continue. We all deserve equal rights irregardless of our sexual orientation.


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2 responses to “On Gay Marriage

  • Road Kill

    Absofreakinlutely! You hit the nail right on the head. IN fact, I have heard that the statistics of “divorce” among homosexual couples is far less than among heterosexual couples. While I haven’t met many gays (that I’m aware of), those I HAVE met are generally very caring individuals who have high moral standards, and though they may not be “openly gay” in public, they are generally upstanding members in their communities, tend to be relatively conservative, and are generally better people overall than many straight people. My dad made a good point in regard to the “sanctity of marriage” thing: the “values and morals” that the religious nuts profess to hold so dear are constantly trampled by the very same people’s high divorce rates, children born out of wedlock, adulterers, and spouse-abusers. So, then, WHO exactly are the people that pose the greatest threat to the sanctity of marriage?

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