I’m Off on a Tangent, Be Back Soon

“All right, you win. You win. I give. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. DESTINY! DESTINY! NO ESCAPING THAT FOR ME! DESTINY! DESTINY! NO ESCAPING THAT FOR ME!” (Young Frankenstein)

Ah, the concept of destiny. Are things meant to be? Is anything ever certain? Are our lives predetermined?

In short, no.

Predetermination, it’s like when you get a credit card in the mail and it says you’re pre-approved. Does that mean you HAVE to get the credit card? Nope, you can choose to throw it out, you can choose to let it sit on your coffee table for the next six weeks, you could choose to actually try and get the card.

I hate the concept of destiny, but what I hate more are people who shove it down my throat. I’ve been known to say, on occasion that something seems like it was meant to be. I don’t actually believe my life is on a little track and every decision I make has already been made for me. In fact, that idea kind of pisses me off. If I believed things were destined, I’d have a few choice words for whoever created my roller coaster.

Life is constantly evolving, changing. Yesterday is never truly the same as today, or tomorrow, or next week. Even if we’re doing the same thing, there are differences, differences so subtle that if we paid enough attention and noticed them this whole concept of destiny would just wither away and die.

In some ways destiny goes with religion, people who believe in destiny tend to believe there’s a nice old man hanging out in the clouds who has a personal, vested interest in their lives. They tend to believe this old dude is up there actively planning out their lives and if any crap happens it’s God’s fault.

Or, it’s an excuse to deny personal responsibility. If I fuck up and don’t pay my phone bill, have my phone shut off and then have to pay more to get it turned back on that’s my damn fault. There’s no one else to blame. I’ve got to look at myself and say, “well, that was stupid now wasn’t it.” I can’t sit there and seriously believe it was planned for me to miss that phone bill. Well, I could sit there and think that but I would probably end up checking myself into Anna Kaseman and calling it a day.

I’m not sure I have a point to this, other than to complain about people who’s answer to everything is “it was meant to be.” You know what, fuck you. Don’t tell me it’s “God’s Plan” either. That just makes me want to hit you. Life is about choices, our choices. We’re responsible for whatever bullshit happens in our lives, we’re the ones who have to look at the messes we make and deal with cleaning them up.



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2 responses to “I’m Off on a Tangent, Be Back Soon

  • Kim

    People who think that their lives are planned out for them and that they’re free to do what they like because it’s all “meant to be” are water-headed idiot morons who are incapable of higher thought and incapable of taking any responsibility, personal or otherwise.

  • inkspots87

    The sad thing is there are so many people who believe things are “meant to be.” That any bullshit that happens can be explained away by saying it was God’s will or that it was destined. There are far too many variables in life for it to be predetermined, for it to be anything other than random chance that things happen the way they do.

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