So Those Decisions….

It’s funny, every time I think I’ve made a decision it turns out I haven’t.

Because of all that happened in 2010 I began to seriously reconsider my decision to major in creative writing, not because I don’t want to write but because of some more personal things and the creative writing department is a snake pit of doom. I began to feel as if I was wasting some part of myself by limiting myself to creative writing. I love to write it is at the core of who I am. I will always write but I feel I can do something more with this writing thing I’ve got.

I’ve had this idea and desire rolling around in my head for a very long time, like since I was a kid. I suppose if I had listened to the child in myself I would have known what I wanted to do a long time ago. I’m going to change my concentration in English from creative writing to rhetoric and have my second major be Philosophy-Pre Law. A lot of the classes overlap, which means I’ll be done a lot sooner.

I’ve been sort of running around what I want to do out of some ridiculous fear that I’ll suck at it, which is stupid. Like I said, this year is going to be different for me. I’m actually going to do what I want to do. Crazy, I know.


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I'm a writer at heart, but so much more. I'm typical, I love music and I've got a thing for pretty things. I like things, in general. If it's a thing chances are I'll like something about it. I love to read. Words are quite possibly my favorite thing, hence why I'm here. View all posts by inkspots87

One response to “So Those Decisions….

  • Kim

    Good for you 🙂 Do what you wanna do. Sometimes it just takes someone a little longer to sift through all the sand to find those specks of gold 🙂

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