Here’s some of that “Other” I mentioned

so I planned on this being just about my writing, but I know myself and I know I have a tendency to find a soap box, hop on and rant until my little heart is content.

Here’s my rant, it’s nothing important or life changing but it’s pissing me off and I know I can’t be the only one.

I hate bras. Not because I don’t want to wear them or I’m an old fashioned feminist who wants to burn all mine, none of that. I hate them because I am not a “normal” size. In the realm of bras the average size is a 38C, that’s a nice solid size and very easy to find. There are 38C bras climbing out of the woodwork, and they’re all cute and sexy. I’d kill to be a a 38C, hell, I’d be thrilled to be a 38D. Where do I fall on the bra spectrum? A 38H, yep an H, a size most people only associate with porn stars and women who are addicted to plastic surgery.

I am neither a porn star nor am I addicted to plastic surgery, nope I’m one of those lucky women blessed with gigantic tits. (Thanks, Mom). Generally speaking, I’m fine with the size of my breasts, they fit my frame and I’m used to the size. Here’s my gripe, bras in my size are insanely expansive and really only available online. I’ll get to the expense in a minute, but who the hell wants to buy bras of all things on the internet. I want to be ale to try them on to make sure they not only fit but are comfortable.

I’m down with buying a lot of things on the internet, bras are not one. I’ll buy just about any other article of clothing online (well, except jeans, but that’s another rant) but with my bras I want to be able to make sure I’m getting what I want. Here’s why: Undergarments (bras, undies, slips, spanx) are the foundation of every single thing we wear. If we’re wearing poor undergarments our outer clothes will look bad too. Ever seen a woman in a great shirt and thought, “gee if only she was wearing a better bra she’d look great.” I know I have.

Here’s part two of this gripe: Price. I’m fine with paying more for something worth it, I refuse to buy my bras from Wal-Mart, they are cheap and poor quality. However, I also don’t want to pay $76.00 for a damn bra. Problem is with my bra size that’s exactly what I have to do if I want to wear a bra that is actually going to provide support and fit. What I want to know is where do these stores get off selling a BRA for $76.00? Like I said, I get quality and paying for it but I think that’s a bit extreme, especially since the “Experts” say we’re supposed to replace our bras every six months.


I don’t know anyone who has the ability to pay $76.00 per bra every six months. That’s just outrageous! I have no solution either, unless my breasts suddenly shrink (unlikely, but I still hope lol) I’m stuck paying these insane prices. I didn’t choose to have breasts this large, I just got stuck with some random gene that decided I’m going to have boobs of Jessica Rabbit proportions.

I know since I’ve got an uncommon size I’m stuck. I get economics, supply and demand and all that stuff but it still annoys and pisses me off that I’m essentially being punished for my genetics.

And for anyone who says, “lose weight and they’ll shrink.” I say, well I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds and guess what I went from a 42DDD to a 38H…see my problem? If I lose more weight what am I gonna end up with, a 34J?


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