Fiction, the Art of Lying

I’ve got this idea floating around in my head for a graphic novel. I want to combine medieval fantasy with post-apocolyptic. I love both genres and I’ve been messing around with a way to combine them. I’ve got a few characters mostly fleshed out, it’s setting I’m having a tough time with. That’s usually my problem when it comes to fiction. I’m great with characters, I can really create a person…setting not so much. I think on some level I don’t care about setting, I like to create people and tell their stories, not really worry about what color the wood floor is in the house the character grew up in.

Of course there are exceptions, I get graphically descriptive when describing the house I grew up in. Though, I think that may be more because the house sort of becomes a character, it was certainly a character in my life. I’ve got a piece of fiction I’ve been writing for a while, I’m thinking of going novel with it. But anyway, it’s pretty much two people and cars and when I had another writer read it he said I have a gift for making inanimate objects into characters; in the case of that story, the cars.

I like writing fiction, to me there is something fun about creating people and stories. I do take from real life but even when I do as I edit I tend to deviate, to create completely new people and stories. I find if I’m going to write about my life I’d rather just write nonfiction, I don’t like manipulating the story for the purpose of fiction.

I like fiction because it allows me to really create, I can just make things up and create a world and environment for my characters. That’s something that is fun for me.


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