Inconsistent? Why yes, that’s me.

I suppose I’ve proved my point, I’m inconsistent. I’d actually forgotten I had a blog, then suddenly it dawned on me and I remembered I planned to use this as a place to get my writing out there.

It’s moments like these where I remember I am completely scatterbrained. I could blame my forgetfulness on the fact that shortly after I posted my last entry my life deteriorated, but that just seems trite. In all honesty I did more writing in the last few months than I’ve done in the last few years. (pathetic, I know)

Well it’s now December and nearing Christmas, I’ve reached a point where I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore. I’ve gone to school (almost mindlessly) since 2006, my major has changed almost as frequently as my socks. I thought I had reached a point where I knew exactly what I wanted to do, which was major in creative writing and then out of nowhere someone asked me what I wanted to do after that and I had no answer. What did I want to do after that? I want to write, but didn’t I need something else to do in case I wasn’t immediately the next bestselling author? I thought, I could teach…well except I tend to dislike children and dislike dealing with parents even more. So, what am I going to do? I’ve yet to figure that out.

It occurred to me, I can write without having to waste my time with a degree in it, I could get a degree in something useful (by society’s standards) and still be able to write and attempt to get myself published. Now the question becomes what the hell am I going to do?

Any suggestions? Anyone? I didn’t think so.

I have interests, I love history, archaeology, psychology, sociology, art, design and of course writing. I love words, I really, truly do; words are my passion. Where can I use words and still try and find a job where I will feel fulfilled and useful? Enter psychology, I’ve always had an interest in the inner workings of people and I like to be helpful. There are a lot of things I could do with a psych degree, I’d be less limited than I would be with an English degree.

I think I’ve decided something, and it’s important. I feel so proud.

I promise not to disappear for so long again. I mean I’ve got things to say. =)


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I'm a writer at heart, but so much more. I'm typical, I love music and I've got a thing for pretty things. I like things, in general. If it's a thing chances are I'll like something about it. I love to read. Words are quite possibly my favorite thing, hence why I'm here. View all posts by inkspots87

5 responses to “Inconsistent? Why yes, that’s me.

  • mechastan

    Capricorns are supposed to be fickle though dude! Seriously I must of been the only person in history to get kicked out of CNM for failing GPA. I’ve failed a class every semester since 2005 when I’ve been in school. Shame had all my english and science done, I could have just done the math and language and had a sweet little associates in liberal arts, i took it cus i never graduated highshcool and i guess i wanted that feeling XD at least your grades might be better than mine and i know your college is a son of a bitch, my brother wants to go there! good luck buddy o.o

    this is why i was very bluntly told to learn a trade and two days after my 24th bday i go in to the DVR to see if i can get a grant for trucking school, if not i’ll try to get with my current job full time XD

    and fuck yeah you can write in your spare time, you dont need a degree,it would be fun as hell to study all that shit but not useful in the long run, hell if i could i’d want a degree in philosophy. haha

  • inkspots87

    I’d love a degree in Philosophy…not gonna happen. I mean some things are useful, like Rich’s art degree. He’ll be able to spin that tons of different ways (especially since he’s going to transfer to the Art Center and get his degree in illustration not studio art). But I don’t want to teach and I don’t know what else I’d do.

    I can always get books and learn that way, which is what I did this semester in my creative writing class anyway. Since it was online all we did was shit out of the textbook. I felt like this semester was a waste of time. Actually, I’ve felt like all my semesters have been a waste of time.

    • mechastan

      I HATE studying writing, fuck! I was goddamn suicidal when I was forced to take creative writing and i hate being forced to write under pressure for profit (in this case good grades)

      the fun stuff for me to study was like journalism i could see myself doing that and I got an A+ in that, i was taking that all summer while working for ole XD but yeah most epic shit you can learn on your own, like on live journal i suscribe to onewordaday and i love expanding my vocab that way a word i really like is ‘griffonage’

  • Kim

    I think that would be awesome! I also think you should study what you love, not just what you think would be useful. If psych is where you wanna be, then I welcome you to the clan lol. There are a lot of people who say it’s just as much of a wasted time as other degrees because there’s very little you can do with it right out the door.

    I think you should focus on your writing; it’s become better than it ever was before recently. I think you should consider putting together some sort of collection of your works and start testing the waters, see if someone out there is interested!

  • inkspots87

    I’ve been working on trying to get some of my stuff published. It’s hard and a lot of the local publications I’m afraid to submit to because of you-know-who. I’ve always had an interest in psychology, I know there’s not a ton you can do with a BA right out of the gate but I think it would be slightly more useful than an english degree. I don’t want to teach…ever. I’d rather try and work in a field where I feel like I’d be helping people.

    I usually hate writing classes, the nonfiction class I had this fall was the best class I had. It was much more laid back than the other classes I’ve taken. I like the idea of journalism but I think I’d suck at it.

    Griffonage…inteeresting…I love words lol.

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